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Phrases from Inception

 Cobb and Mol had been stucked down in limbo.However,they finally decided to come out of limboo and return to the reality.

Cobb『You are waiting for a train
           A train that will take you far away
           You know where you hope this train will take you,

           but you don't know for sure.
           But it doesn't matter.
           Now tell me why?』
  Mal 『Because we will be toge

For your own lover,can you get stucked in limbo and live together forever?
Do you think such love can prosper in this world?
Or do you think love is the most fundamental behavior of humen?
For me,I love myself the most.
I might be just a kid
However,I am sure I am alone after all and love for others will not fulfill my mind.
How can I make such a deep love?

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