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Humanity is the disease,inferno is the cure~Inferno~

Inferno Extended Scene - Zobrists Presentation
 In the movie named 'Inferno',Bertland Zobrist has said one controvercial thing.......

 ‘It took the Earth’s population 100,000 years to reach a billion people. And then just 100 more to reach two billion. And only 50 years to double again. Four billion people in 1970. We’re nearly at eight billion now. Bartlett gives the example of a beaker. With a single bacterium in it, one that divides and doubles every minute, if you place the first bacterium into the beaker at 11:00 [pm], and it’s completely full by 12, at what time is the beaker still only half full? 11:59. That’s what time it is for us. In 40 years, 32 billion people will fight to survive. They’ll fail. We’re a minute to midnight.

 ‘We are destroying the very means by which life is sustained. Every single global ill that plagues the Earth can be traced back to human overpopulation. But serious birth control measures, they don’t stand a chance. “Outrageous! Violation of my rights! Invasion of my privacy! Don’t tell me what to do!’ And still, we keep attacking our own environment. There have been five major extinctions in the Earth’s history and unless we take bold, immediate action, the sixth extinction will be our own. We are a minute to midnight.

  ‘Why do we demand inaction? We clear, cut, we dump, we consume, we destroy. Half the animal species on Earth have vanished in the last 40 years. But we still keep attacking our own environment. Does it take a catastrophe to learn our lesson? To get our attention? Nothing changes behavior like pain. Maybe pain can save us.  There is a switch. If you throw it, half the people on Earth will die. But if you don’t, the human race will be extinct in a hundred years. What will you do? Mankind is the cancer in its own body. Do you love humanity enough to save it?’[1]

 He is dedicatged to the essence of Inferno written by Dante.
 He insisted that Dante's hell isn't fiction,Inferno is the cure.
 Only pain can save us.

 However,to think it logically,it is kind of terrorism.He is a terrorist who wishes to ‘play god’, just as ‘he’ kills many in natural disasters and with outbreak of disease.
 He depends on self-responsibility,resulting in egoism.
 The greatest sins in human history were committed in the name of love.

 How much are we responsible for what we destroyed?
 In the first place,do we have to care about the human future?
 I wonder if we are blind for the future.


Inferno Extended Scene - Zobrists Presentation



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